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Plugins are small applications which extend the functionality of the site. This is what differentiates Global2 and WordPress from other content platforms.

There are a number of plugins available, including those addressing appearance, forms, media, administration, social media and widgets. Here is a guide for adding a plugin to a site:

1. PLUGIN MENU: Go to Plugins menu. This can be accessed via the Dashboard.


2. EXPLORING PLUGINS: There is a range of categories that allow users to focus their search. Otherwise, there is the option to type keywords into the searchbox.

3. ACTIVATE PLUGIN: Once a plugin has been chosen, activate it to add it to the site.

4. ADJUST SETTINGS: Most plugins provide additional settings to adjust. These are either housed within the Settings menu or as a menu themselves.

Some plugins available include:

Categories Name Description
Appearance Custom CSS Enables users to modify the theme by adding a custom stylesheet
Supreme Google Webfonts Provides the option to change font type and size within the visual editor
Table of Contents Automatically adds a table of contents to posts, pages and sidebars.
Media VR Viewer
Meta Slider Enables the addition of a slideshow to posts, pages and sidebars.
Podcast Enhances WordPress’ existing audio support by adding iTunes feeds, media players, and an easy to use interface.
Posts & Pages Embed Any Document Allows users to easily embed any document into posts and pages.
TinyMCE Advanced Provides extra features to the visual editor and organises them using a series of menu tabs.
AddThis Social Share Adds a series of share buttons to the base of every page and post.

See Edublogs for a complete description of what is available. This also includes links to additional support pages for each.

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