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Although Google allows you to contribute to Google Maps, there are times when you may not want this content to be posted publicly. The VR Viewer plugin allows you to embed your own 360 content into a post.

1. CREATE A 360 IMAGE: Using a mobile device, capture a 360 photograph to a desktop computer. Google have a list of tools and applications that can be used.

2. ACTIVATE VR PLUGIN: Go to Plugins menu and search ‘VR’. Once found, activate the VR Viewer plugin. There is no menu associated with this, activating simply builds the functionality into the site.

3. UPLOAD 360 IMAGE: Upload the 360 image into the media library by clicking ‘Add New’ in the Media menu. Copy the URL associated with the uploaded file.

4. EMBED WITHIN A POST: Switch to the text editor and paste in the follow shortcode , replacing {URL} with the URL associated with the uploaded file.

NOTE: If you wish to add an existing Street View image to a post, Google provides an embed code. This is found in the top left corner of any Street View. Personal images can also be contributed to Google Maps. Go to the menu in Maps and click on ‘Your Contributions’ to upload.

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